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The Philippine Sailfin Lizard

      The Philippine Sailfin Lizard is an oviparous lizard living only in the Philippines. This lizard is an excellent swimmer and has flattend toes that enable it to run across the water. It is omnivorus, eating fruits, leaves, flowers, insects and small animals. It lives near rivers in the tropical forests of the Philippines. Gladly, Sailfin Lizard can be found here in our very own town and is located at Solana, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental.


Photo credits: Erwin M.


     A couple from barangay Solana, Mr. and Mrs. Rodulfo Dael shared their experience with the sailfin. They started with feeding a single sailfin back in 2002 which have multiplied over the years. These lizards is comfortably living in the public area where people are allowed to see them and feed them at 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning and 4:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon.


     In spite of some documents that tend to point out that the establishment of Jasaan Parish was in 1820, there are other documents, however, that strongly support its establishment in 1831. Some research made in the Catholic Directory showed that the creation of the Church of Jasaan was in 1744 and in 1774, but canonical records only began in 1820.



     Two bells on the Church, one for baptismal and one for funeral, are inscribed with different dates. The funeral bell is marked with 1807 while the baptismal bell is marked with 1811. Baptismal registers also showed that baptisms were performed on February 4, 1830 and May 23, 1831, with nothing in between.



    With these facts, Fr. John Pollock, simply concluded in his memoirs that Jasaan “had been founded as a parish in 1831”. However, there are three other documents that shed the definite establishment of the parish of Jasaan. All agreed that Jasaan was founded into a parish, with the Our Lady of Immaculate Conception as its patron, independent from the mother parish in Cagayan, in 1830. The Royal Decree of 1860 turned over the Jasaan Parish from the hands of the founding Recollects to the Jesuits with Fr. Pablo Pastells as its first parish priest.




                     Priests who served the first church in Jasaan (currently ruins)

Parish Priest

Inclusive Dates


Fray Jose Casals, OAR



Fray Manuel de Sta. Rita, OAR



Dom. Vicente de Dolores, OAR



Fray Gregorio Logrono del Ducisimo Nombre de Maria, OAR



Fray Ramon Cabas, OAR



Fray Fernando Ramos de la Encarnacion, OAR



Fray Mateo Bernard, OAR

March 1873 – 1877


Fray Benigno Jimenez, OAR

July 1882-January 1887

Last priest from the Order of Augustinian-Recollect

Fr. Nenesio Llorente, SJ

Jan. 26, 1887 - June 25, 1887

First Spanish Jesuit

Fr. Pablo Pastells, SJ

June 25, 1887 - Oct. 8 - 1887


Fr. Juan Herras, SJ

Nov. 1887 - Sept. 1915


Fr. Juan Terricabras, SJ

Oct. 18, 1887 - Dec. 19, 1887


Fr. Gregorio Parache, SJ

Dec. 19, 1887 - Oct. 22, 1888



                 Priests who served the Immaculate Conception Parish Church

Parish Priest

Inclusive Dates


Fr. Juan Casellas, SJ

Oct. 29, 1888 - Oct. 30, 1888


Fr. Juan Bautista Herras, SJ

Oct. 30, 1888 - Sept. 15, 1915


Fr. Jaime Valles, SJ

Nov. 1915 - August 1927

Last Spanish Jesuit Priest

Fr. Joseph Lucas, SJ

March 1927 - Jan. 1930

First American Jesuit Priest

Fr. John A. Pollocks, SJ

Jan. 1930 - 1935


Fr. Vincent de Paul O. Beirne, SJ

1935 - Jan. 1937


Fr. Andrew F. Cervini, SJ

Jan. 1937 - Oct. 1938


Fr. Harold Murphy, SJ

Oct. 1938 - Oct. 1950


Fr. Clarence Martin, SJ

Oct. 1950 - April 1952


Fr. Arthur F. Shea, SJ

April 1952 - Jan. 1953


Fr. James S. Collins, SJ

Jan. 1953 - Oct. 1957


Fr. Joseph Stoffel, SJ

Dec. 1957 - Dec. 1958

Last American Jesuit Priest

Fr. Alejandro Mejia, SSJV

1957 - 1975

First Filipino Parish Priest (from the Society of St. John Vianney)

Fr. Alfeo Villanueva, SSJV

1975 - 1976


Fr. Bartolome Llenas, SSJV


Fr. Elfedio Alilin, SSJV
Asst. Fr. Mariano Valmoria, SSJV and
Asst.Fr. Diosdado Ladera

1984 - 1985


Fr. Romeo Alavanza, SSJV
Asst. Fr. Alfredo Heyrosa, SSJV

1985 - 1988


Fr. Pedro Baricutro, SSJV
Asst. Fr. Filomeno Cabulosan, SSJV

1988 - 1994


Fr. Venecio Andohon, SSJV



Fr. Glenn Pimentel, SSJV



Fr. Cesar Ramantin


Fr. Rolando Pabella, SSJV



Fr. Allan Chabit, SSJV
Asst. Fr. Ramer Colanse, SSJV



Fr. Elcon Magtrayo, SSJV



Fr. Cesar Ramantin, SSJV


Temporary Assignment

Fr. William Salva, SSJV



Fr. Lyndon Zayas, SSJV



Fr. Aurelio Jaranilla, SSJV



Fr. Ismael Scott Escanilla, SSJV



Fr. Ruel Buhisan, SSJV



Fr. Bernard Elvin Simene, SSJV



Fr. Ronald Gadrenab, SSJV



Fr. Joe Schwegmann, SSJV



Fr. Filomeno Cabulusan, SSJV
Asst. Fr. Ronald Ledesma, SSJV

Oct. 17, 2006 - May 31, 2010


Fr. Neil B. Limbaco, SSJV
Asst. Fr. Nemesio Pacaña, SJJV

June 1, 2010 - 2013
Nov. 2012 - 2013


Fr. Ramer M. Colanse, SSJV

Asst. Fr. Nemesio Pacaña, SJJV

June 2013 – present



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