San Nicolas



According to old folks, a big Balite Tree grew along the Cabulig River Bank where a footbridge was built. Said Balite Tree was believed to be enchanted. Gossip spread that some people who passed by saw frightening things especially during late nights, and in fear they ran as fast as they could saying “LUMBA” or in the naitve tounge “KILUMBA” just to be away from the area. With that expression, the place got its name.

Early settlers of Kilumba were descendants from Purok 6 of Bobontugan which is now the Bobontugan Elementary School. It was remembered that the settlers were led by an aged blacksmith. Known as Nicolas Lindongan. He was an unselfish leader who worked hard for the betterment of his group and fellowmen. When Nicolas Lindongan passed away, and as a sign of gratitude, the people decided to change the name Kilumba to San Nicolas when people believed that Nicolas Lindongan got his name as adapted by his parents from the Catholic Almanac on the same birthdate of patron saint San Nicolas de Tolentino as celebrated every 10th day of September. From then on, the place was no longer called Kilumba but San Nicolas