Natubo is envisioned to foster good governance, implement and deliver the National Government’s public thrust, project and ensure the populace to benefit from the system.



      To be responsive to the needs of the community and render services for the common goods so as to lay the foundation of peace-loving, law abiding, responsive, self-reliant, competent, skilled, and productive citizen who cares and loves his fellowmen.


     Old folks said that when Hibok-hibok volcano in Camiguin erupted, a small hill arose from the river bank that stunned the natives who lived nearby shouting NA-A-TU-BO (pointing to the arising mound with water spurting up) and later on the word became NATUBO because the natives could not speak the word directly. From then on the place was called NATUBO which meant a rising mound with water spurting up. Accordingly, frequent weather disturbances made the hill disappeared from view along the river bank. That was how the place got its name.

      In addition, a distinctive feature that could be promising in Natubo is the presence of potable water resources (like springs and water falls) that supply the water needs of the people in the community. The said water resources specifically the presence of water falls in the Barangay could lead to touris attraction and perhaps could give extra income for the Barangay. Also, farming is the main occupation of the populace, with abundant agricultural area.


    According to the local settlers, the school was once a multi-grade primary station with only one classroom made bamboo shafts and coconut leaves through the concerted efforts of the Teniente del Ba rrio and the inhabitants’ way back in 1948 with the tutelage of MR. MAURO VALMORES.

    In 1956, the national government built a two-classroom building (named after the late President Ramon Magsaysay) with asbestos and wood walling. In June 1992, the PTA (headed by Mr. Victor Jr. A Joven) and the Barangay Council (under the Chairmanship OF Hon. Vicenta M. Emanel) passed a joint resolution to the Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS) requesting the said agency to convert Natubo Elementary School to a complete elementary.

     In September 1992, the request was granted and approved declaring legally the school as NATUBO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL thus school year 1992-1993 became the first Commencement Exercises. The school then was headed by Mrs. Vicenta M. Emanel and Mrs. Nardita E. Tadlas respectively both made major accomplishments of the school as it improves. August 2010, a new school head was assign in Natubo Elementary School in the person of Mrs. Ma. Fidela C. Salvador.



The Barangay has rugged and rolling topography: from NORTH; it is bounded by San Nicolas, fom the south by Brgy. Kimaya, from the east by Brgy. Gumaod of the Municipality of Claveria, Mis. Or. And from the west by Brgy. Upper Jasaan.



  • Lower Natubo
  • Upper Natubo
  • Sitio Alangit
  • Sitio Beverly
  • Sitio Canhawan
  • Sitio Catu-an
  • Sitio Ca-ulo
  • Sitio Cogon
  • Sitio Limason
  • Sitio Taparak