During the Spanish regime, there was a Spanish ship docked in the place of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. After a year, the said ship deserted the area, however there was one couple left in the place purposely to spread Christianity. Unfortunately, the couple have no idea about the name of the place. One day, they saw a couple of fishermen who went on fishing nearby the place. Taking this opportunity, the couple ask the fishermen about the name of the place they were living. The fishermen did not understand what they were saying, since they were speaking in Spanish dialect. But then they still tried to answer the word “JAMPAS” because they were thinking that the Spanish couple were asking them what they were doing. Without knowing, the couple also thought that the fishermen understood what they were saying. The word JAMPAS is a kind of fishing method using a leaf of a coconut with a net on the tip to trap fishes. So from that time on, the couple used the word “JAMPAS” to name the place. 

Barangay Jampason was once a sitio of barangay Bobontugan, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental. Years past it became a Barangay under the Municipality of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. It was one of the 15 Barangay in that Municipality.


Barangay Jampason is found within the coordinates that ranges from 124 44” 00” – 124 44” 30” longitude and 8 44” 00” – 8 44” 30” latitude which is bounded with Barangay San Antonio in the North, San Nicolas in the East, Bobotugan in the South and Macajalar Bay in the West.


Barangay Jampason has a total area of 247 hectares excluding an island found 7 kilometers Westside of the Barangay. The Island has a total area of 7.0 hectares during lowtide and only 5 hectares during hightide. This is called AGUTAYAN WHITE ISLAND.

Barangay Profile

  Total no. of Population: 2, 847

Toatl No. of Families: 642

Total No. of Household: 583

Land Area: 247 hectares

No. of Purok: 7

No. of Day Care Center: 3

Araw ng Jampason April 30

Annual FeastNovember 30