A community og healthy and happy people; cooperative and participative, yet remains to be self-reliant; living in a peaceful, progressive and environment-friendly neighborhood that has affected change towards sustainable development in the municipalty.


     To forge total well-being of populace; to promote progress thru encouragement of theirs participation and cooperation in a realistic and sustainable socio-cultural, economical, ecological and human developement endeavors, and thru the collaboration of different NGO’s and Civic Organization towards economical and technological advancement programs with other neighboring barangays.


     Bobontugan is magnificently embraced by invading sea waters rich with marine life and the home of diving activities in the province, and the soothing clear crystal rivers that flows the bosom of majestic landspace of nature captures my beloved home place.

   Statistics show that the land is vast of 188 hectares densely occupied some 6,053 inhabitants dominated by 3,096 female residents, 2,957 are male with a total families of 1,107


Why Bobontugan?

    In 1835, the 1st October, thw Spanish norsemen wre out to explore the beauty and splendor of the entire place with the intention of exercising administrative supervision naming the untrodden places, create political subdivisions and to know the established, tradition and culture explicity tells us on how the “Home of the Divers” came into being.

     Throughout generations our old barrio folks would simply relate a story on how treasured home was born. It was odd that a group of Spanish horsemen came to ask the name of the place with a commanding question, “Señor, Como sillama este lugar?” (Sir, what’s the name of this place?) Perplexed by the unfamiliarily the barrio folk simply replied, “Bobo, Bobontugan sa dagat,” (Fish trap to be sunk to the sea). Bobontugan is derived from the word “bobo” which locally means firsh trap (among the region’s source of living, apart from agriculture) that is used to catch fishes underneath the crystal waters of this yet to be name barrio. Bobontugan is rich in meaning and culture it can mean the place of great and brave men that engage the raging waves in the pursuit  of earning a humble living.


To improve the Barangay Hall.

  1. To repair Barangay canals as a preventive measure against floods during rainy seasons.
  2. To install additional street lights to prevent crimes and to lessen accidents at night
  3. To provide basin medicine on demand for indigents and kids thru the purchase of midicines.
  4. To aquire/enhance skills of the newly-elected/incumbent Barangay Officials.
  5. To maintain peace and order situation in the barangay.
  6. To promote an environmental-friendly community.
  7. To increase income thru seminars, trainings and workshops for livelihood projects.
  8. To promote volunteerism mentality.
  9. To foster awareness of women’s right against domestic violence and possible trafficking.
  10. To promote protection of natural resources consciousness.
  11. To promote cooperation among Senior citizens organizations.
  12. To provide information on solid waste management.
  13. To promote capacity building among the youth in different capacity building activities such as livelihood trainings, clean and green coordinating cases.


     Ang Karaang simbahan gitukod sa mga recoleto ang bato-sukaranan niining bag-ong simbahan  gipahiluna niadtong Mayo 1980. Gipanalanginan kining simabahan ni  Arsobispo Patricio Cronin sa Julio 16, 1983 atol sa panalangin sa mahal nga Birhen sa Carmen kini nga lapida gihimo aron sa pagpasalamat sa tanan nga naghago aron matukod kining matahum nga simbahan

-FR. BARTOLOME LLENEAS (Parish Priest - 1983)