Barangay Kimaya is one of the coastal barangays of the Municipality of Jasaan. It is bounded on the north by the barangay of Natubo, on the west by the Municipality of Claveria; on the east by the barangay of Upper Jasaan; and on the south by the barangay of Luz Banzon.


      The barangya has a total land area of 403 hectares. Along the coastal area is generally plain that compose Purok Hayahay, Matinabangon, San Pedro, (Dumagooc), Lusayon, Mauswagon, and Mahigugmaon(Dumagook). The name of each Purok is attributed to the significance of the place just like lusay for Lusayon, as well as to project positive values as helpfulness for Matinabangon; progressive for  Mauswagon; Hayahay for its airy ambiance, Mahigugmaon for its loving and caring folks and Makugihon for its industriosness. It slowly raises the mountain formation that compose the Purok of Makughon that includes (Aromahon, Kimamaon, Bongbongon and Tanasakan) and Purok Kabuhian (Hilltop) and now the new addition, Faustina.


     Kimaya is basically an agricultural area but also endowed with three (3) natural springs tapped for potable water for the population areas and exit water is being utilized by resorts. Thus, it plays an ecotourism area of the Municipality where arrivals accoounted to 114,000 or 76% of the total arrivals (2009).


     Insfrastructures present in the barangay include the minicipal fish port that landed a total of 1200 metric ton of fish catch (2009). It has two elementary schools and two (2) day care centers right in the barangay and Kimamaon. It has also  a barangay health center and one (1) productivity center for the senior citizens. It has a total of 8.550 kilometers of barangay roads and one (1) bridges located in Dumagooc, and solar dryers. It has irrigation system that allows the farmers to plant rice the year round. It operates its own water system managed by the Kimaya Rural Waterworks and Sanitation association (KRWSA) serving a total of 861 or 97.72% households. Electricity is served by CEPALCO to a total of 416 or 47% households. Telephone is presents to forty seven (47) households.



  1. Physical Insfrastructure
  2. Barangay Social Development Services Development Facilites
  3. Multi-Purpose Pavement
  4. Daycare Center
  5. School Building
  6. Senior Citizen Building
  7. Existence of KRWSA


      A. Economic Services

  • Increase agricultural production for food sufficiency and increased family income by increasing production areas through irrigation , improve farm to market roads, availment of marketing support and intensified crop and livestock production.
  • Train residents for employable skills
  • Promotion of home-based cottage industries


      B. Social Developent

  • Improved and sustained social services in the areas of health, education, welfare, housing and protection services.


      C. Infrastructure Development

  • Provision of basic infrastructure that would support and spur development in the area and make accessible to the residents.


      D. Environment and Natural Resources

  • Maintain and sustained the existing environment that is conductive to habitation and improving mitigation against disaster as the coastal flooding, squatting along the flood prone and danger areas through the IEC and relocation.


      E. Institutional Development

  • Empower barangay official and community leaders through continuing education for them to capacitate in bringing out development of the barangay and its people.

Barangay Kimaya

     Barangay Kimaya is one of the coastal Barangays of the Municipality of Jasaan. It is ounded on the North by Brgy. Natubo; east Brgy Upper Jasaan; South Barangay Luz Banzon, and West Municipality of Claveria. Barangay Kimaya was created in consonance with the creation of the municipality of Jasaan in 1948 by Executive order 165 of then President Elpidio Quirino.


     The name KIMAYA derived in early times when Barangay Kimaya used to have vast tract of rice lands and growing rice was one of the main economic activities. At the onset of the harvest season, local birds called MAYA, frequented the rice fields where farmers shouted KI-MAYA to drive the birds away. The barangay started to celebrate Maya-Maya Festival in May 2007 in consonant with the tourism of the month.



9 Puroks of Brgy. Kimaya:

  1. Hayahay
  2. Kabuhian
  3. Lusayon
  4. Mahigugmaon
  5. Makugihon
  6. Mauswagon
  7. Matinabangon
  8. San Pedro
  9. Faustina

Land Area: 403 Hectares

Population: 6, 208

Households: 1,199