Sagpulon Falls is a natural attraction situated at Barangay San Isidro, in the mountainous part of the municipality of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. With a towering height of almost 150 ft., its beauty is astounding. Adding to its charm are the streams of water gushing from its walls.


From the highway, we traverse the 7-kilometer concrete road to the falls. The path was cliffy with occasional sharp curves. There’s no custodian at the entrance due to the storm, so we’re free! From there, we started our adventure trek to the falls — hopscotch on a rocky terrain, cross the bamboo bridge and go along the paved trail. Finally, the falls were now in our sight from above for about 15 minutes of hiking.

Just one look is enough to confirm the falls’ astonishing beauty. And because of the typhoon, the falls’ outpouring was on the roof. The only downside that time was the basin was soiled.

Sagpulon Falls is categorized as horsetail-ribbon waterfall due to its water descends over a long narrow strip and maintains contact with bedrock most of the time. With its height and gushing waters, you’ll feel its mist even from afar.

Aside from its natural pool, a blue-colored artificial pool was developed, with its waters also comes from the falls. Cottages and picnic spots were being built in the area. If you wish a more relaxing vibe, the treetop cottage is for you, wherein an overlooking view of the pool and falls awaits. However, we felt the development of the place was too much, it diminished the location’s natural beauty.

Though the natural basin was brownish that moment, the man-made pool was clean and welcoming to swim to. We joined a group of tourists that came from neighboring barangay. Sagpulon has already many patrons throughout the region before going mainstream.

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